Dad arrived in New York City with eh shirt on his back and a capacity for insanely hard work. Gov-mint “assistance” (hand-outs) had not yet been conjured. He learned a trade (well, two, actually) and taught himself damn good English. Ably assisted by steadfast wife (Huh?) who managed the home (Huh?), husbanded the house (Huh)?, and took a job after the children were reared (Say, what?), they put 5 kids through private primary & secondary school and 3 through college by busting their asses. They became as American as any New England so-called blue blood and passed their love of Country on to their family.

Comparison: If you are waiting for some Somali devil (don’t you dare call her “Somali-American”) to thank the Grandest Nation on Earth for easing her escape from her native hellhole, well, # Me Fucking Too.

P.S.: Dad & Mom came her legally. Lib-rals: have your favorite tenured hoax look up “Ellis Island” for you. You will both be amazed.

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