A Southern Café hired some transgender women when nobody else would. I guess their diners wanted waitresses… waiters…servers with axehandle-wide hips and boy haircuts. When coupla layoffs were necessary, the local LGBT “community” (hate the straights group) demonstrated out front and called for a boycott without a care that the owner and his/her/its other employees would now be out of work. The protestors had plenty of money, as evidenced by their tattoos and body piercings.

Q: Do they pay for all that ink (you could put a map of the known world on just one of those fat asses) with the jack they save by getting bad barber college haircuts?

A: No, silly, they got you to pay for their “free” (O.P.M.*) food stamps, which leaves them money to buy body bling, beer, and blunts. Thank any Democrat.

*Other People’s Money

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