In protest of the “hatefulness” of President Trumps “America First”* policy, a million moms marched the first Sunday after his inauguration to affirm their right to commit infanticide. (You think I am making this up, don’t you?)

Now, we ain’t talkin’ ‘bout contraception, or morning-after pills or early abortion when the fetus still looks like a tadpole. Modern lawns claim the “right” to late-term and that ultimate Mengelian or partial birth abortion. Hatefulness? Hey mom, how much do you have to hate your baby to wait until it is developed enough to cry before having killed?

Republican men don’t trust women to decide their own health issues”. “Health issues” is code for abortion, as is “hands off our uterus” and so many other euphemisms for killing one’s own child. Hmm, who would trust a broad who had six whole months to make up her mind before making that decision?

NOTE: Ask any feminist what “partial-birth abortion” means and she will gaze across the room and change the subject. Maybe this’ll help: as long as a baby has a hand or foot still inside the mother’s womb (thank any Oprah), it is OK to crush its skull just enough to (finally) kill it, but not so much as to crunch up it’s very valuable, very sellable internal organs. (Thank Planned Parenthood.)

*Charles Lindbergh believed in “America First”, so the Democrats, ever so agile minded when it comes to burying inconvenient truths and/or exhuming old non sequiturs, now claim that Trump’s very valid premise is somehow “Hitlerian”. Finally we know that when the pilot of a propeller driven airplane opens his window and yells “Clear!!!” before starting his engine, it is a reference to “Zieg Heil!!!”. Who knew?

* * * * *


woman’s health issues: infanticide

a woman’s right to choose: infanticide

freedom of choice: infanticide

keep the government out of our bedrooms: infanticide

our bodies loaned us: infanticide

it’s not a human being and to leave the hospital: infanticide (This one is kinda rough on the home birthed; mom can apparently kill you without penalty for the rest of your life.)

NOTE: all of this insanity exists because people who are genetically unencumbered by logic now make up more than half the population. These are the folks who do the grocery shopping on Wednesday decide clean refrigerator on Thursday. Do-dah.

PREDICTION: Pocahontas Warren will designate the first sparkling spring Sunday as a Million Murdering Moms March. Thank any Hillary.

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