A mostly-white young woman would deny them freedom of choice, rip them from their parents, and take them home for her pleasures, without a care that they would not survive the climate change. She would shift a Sitka spruce to Sudan; a yucca to Yukon. Inside the funhouse of her unwittingly racist mind, importing European plants (and people) is racist; bringing chilies and cabrons from Caracas is A-OK.

Q: Is brown racism better than white racism.

A: To any Democrat, why, yes. Yes it is.

Tucker Carlson aired AOCs detritus; neither noted how perilously close she was to knowing something: the millennium-old concept of crop rotation as practiced by any Medieval serf-farmer, who also left 1 in 3 fields fallow every year (field rotation) and planted hedgerows to control wind & water soil erosion while providing bug-eating birds a crib. Pshaw! Today, serfs who no speaka spray shit that shines in the dark onto the soil that springs your ‘sparagus while clad in haz-mat suits & respirators. Don’t need no birds when you chemically kill every living thing in sight. It’s called “soil fumigation”. Bon appetit.

Note: Picturesque hedgerows have no place in modern “farming”. 100 acre fields better suit planting & harvesting with huge combines. This insanity drives down the price of produce and creates dustbowls, as it did in the 1930s when it caused a worldwide depression in the process. When the water today’s “farmers” are itself. Meanwhile, yuppies yearn for yucca in Yonkers. Yaya.

Anthem: Brown Bad Deal

He smiled as we parted, ‘cause he didn’t know,

That we lost our Yucca, at the first fall of snow.

-Equatorial African Kwanza Karol

Ps: But they…they stewards o’ thee lay-ind!

Bullshit. Land stewardship died the day agribusiness learnt how to grow bumper crops on soil that was worn out from irresponsible farming methods by dumping chemicals fertilizers onnit. They then get $enator $sub$idy to send over A irrigation pee-vit, dree-il theyseff A way-ell, an’ they is good ta sling water all over the place: some of it raych-es the roots doncha know. Nutritional value? We gits pied by thee ton, son, not fer no sissy nutrients.*

*Consider spinach, thought to be iron-rich. Read the label. Spinach does a great job of absorbing iron from the soil; it cannot produce it. Grow it in the same dirt year after year, way-ell, they ain’t no arn fer eet ta ‘sorb. See: crop/field rotation, 1,000 years aho. Dumbass.

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