Conservatives are slow learners. During the Apology Years, it was made clear that to disagree with a “person of color” on anything makes you a racist. Michelle and MSNBC told me so. Now, Omar supports boycotting Israel, AOC would jail our Border Agents, Tlaib likes Al Qaida, Pressley hates America, the entire Democrat schtick is identity politics, but Rump is “dividing the country along racial lines”. Gimme a break.

Note: Trump is handling the harridans all wrong. They are strong. They are invincible. They are women. On the other hand, they want to be patted on the head and told, “Yes! I agree with everything you say!” Hear me roar.

P.S.: Policies pushed by the left have already turned the richest South American country into another third-world hellhole. Other socialist experiments are circling the bowl.

Q: Why do Democrats want to try it here? Are they insane or just stupid?

A: Yes.

Q: Why does my kid think South America is “like, Alabama and stuff”?

A: Ask his/her/its NEA (union, no competency testing) teacher.

Q: Can you be stripped of your beauty queen title for citing inconvenient (to the lib-ral establishment) facts and “insensitive” statistics?

A: And for wearing a MAGA hat.

‘Nother Note: If Trump wins a second term, this shit will stop. Scares the crap outta all them closemindedestablishmentliberlas. Fucking cumbaya.

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